††††††††††† ADVLSI

††††††††††††††††† Analog & Digital
Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits


USA-based Experience and Capabilities


*††† Full-custom IC, ASIC, PCB, FPGA, MCU, MPU and Memory designs.

*††† Wide range of applications, including high-performance RF, Analog and Digital electronics,
optimization for high-speed or low-power.

*††† Design and manufacturing costs reduction.

*††† Design for Testability and Manufacturability.

*††† Detailed documentation for Quality Assurance and Contract Manufacturing.


Since 1986, diligently served and designed for more than 40 companies, mostly in Silicon Valley.


Track record of successful analog and mixed-signal IC designs: RF wireless transceivers, multi-Gbps

wireline I/O (HSTL, LVCMOS, LVDS, PECL, BTL), HV I/O Buffers, SerDes, ADC, Video DAC, PLL,

DC voltage converters, power management and distribution, analog micropower IC, SRAM's, EPROM,

Microprocessors (MPU), FPGA prototypes and embedded Microcontroller (MCU) applications, 2.5/3D

IC packages (CSP and MCM), fine-line PCB, signal integrity, EMI- RFI and ESD protection.


Team building of experts in VLSI, MEMS, 2.5/3D IC packaging, Mechatronics, RF antennas,

microwave hardware, wireless communication protocols (WiFi, LTE, 5G), embedded processors,

software development for real-time applications, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


We are well prepared to solve new product development challenges for:

the Internet-of-Things, Wireless Sensor Networks and Remote Control with micro-actuators.


CAD tools: ††† Tanner EDA VLSI Pro (L-Edit, T-SPICE), HiPer Silicon, Alliance VLSI Tools,
Icarus Verilog, Verilog-A, Altera Quartus II, Aldec HDL Express,
Altium Designer, NI LabVIEW, NI Electronics Workbench, Mathcad,
IAR Embedded Workbench, Comsol Multiphysics, Sonnet, SolidWorks.


Programming languages: ††† C, UNIX Shell, Sed, Perl, AWK, Verilog, Verilog-A.


Project management tools:†† MS Project, MS Office Suite.



Portfolio of consulting service, product and IP development projects


RFID Tags, ADC: pipelined, flash and SD, DAC, PLL, DC power converters, charge pumps and V/I

regulators, RF transceivers, SRAM, CAM, non-volatile memories, Network processors.


Consulting on I/O buffers and pad rings (PECL, LVDS, HSTL, LVCMOS, PCI, BTL), ESD and latch-up

protection circuits, backplane and PCB signal integrity analysis, IC and PofL power distribution, noise

immunity, BGA and flip-chip packaging, frequency synthesis, clock distribution networks, circuit timing

and testability, IofT-enabling hardware and software tools.


List of projects from 2000 to present


Most recent:


*††† Consulting, IC design and technology development in CMOS 30/20 nm technology for Digital, and
Analog Mixed-Signals applications, integrating a new type of Si devices to produce better integration
density than a FinFET-based 16 nm CMOS technology.

*††† Design of VLSI Digital, SRAM, CAM and Analog circuit cells to show the feasibility.

*††† VLSI CAE/D method and development plans. Device physics and models.

*††† VLSI fabrication plan with CMOS Si IC foundry, including new Si die processing steps, photomask
and circuit design rules.

*††† Product and IP development plan for Internet-of-Things, RF radio and communication processor
for 5G, sensor interface circuits, communication network processor based on open source computing
library, and cybersecurity hardware engine.

*††† International patent application filed, with most claims approved: WO2016057973-A1.


Other work and projects, with most designs released to production:


[56]††††† Consulting on encapsulated power supplies and drivers of LED lamps, circuit simulation

††††††††††† of electrothermal effects. System architecture, design partitioning: HW-SW, PCB and IC

††††††††††† partition, MCU and development tools. Definition of DFTM flow and test benches.

††††††††††† Solutions and impact of 3-D integration and packaging.


[55]††††† Consulting on the micro-architecture, circuit design and development plan of photonic-based

††††††††††† transceivers for Hybrid Memory Cube.


[54]††††† Consulting on the technologies and markets for Passive Optical Network components: FTTH/X

††††††††††† deployment, integration of fiber-optic connectivity into PCís and Si dice.


[53]††††† Consulting on wireless electrical power converter and transceiver for medical implant.


[52]††††† CMOS RF Transceiver 5GHz, concept design in 0.13 mm CMOS MiM-L&C.


[51]††††† Synchronous SRAM in 0.13mm CMOS, circuit design, IC mask layout, memory block assembler

††††††††††† proven by two blocks (128X12 to 8192X64 bits) embedded in product released to production;

††††††††††† SRAM assembler/compiler program written in Perl script and L-Edit UPI macro.


[50]††††† Design of a micropower RF transponder for a battery-operated RFID Tag in 0.50 mm CMOS

††††††††††† process and with MOSFETís operating in weak inversion.


[49]††††† Design of a bipolar OpAmp for EMI application ( VCC 6 V to 30 V, ICC < 15 mA, cap. Load

††††††††††† up to 20 nF, DC gain 80 dB, UGB 80 MHz, SR 350 V/Ķs with CL 50 pF, DC output swing 80 %

††††††††††† of VCC ) with power down control.


[48]††††† Redesign and IC mask layout of 5V-tolerant I/O Buffers and ESD protection circuit of

††††††††††† a Crystal/RC Oscillator Pad, in a CMOS 0.35 mm technology.


[47]††††† Design in SOI CMOS 0.13mm technology of programmable voltage generators for VLSI

††††††††††† applications and SRAM with high dynamic load (500 mA peak and 500 ps transients),

††††††††††† combining coarse and fine voltage regulation loops.


[46]††††† Design in SOI CMOS 0.13mm technology of HSTL and LVCMOS I/O with calibration.


[45]††††† Design in SOI CMOS 0.13mm technology of a high-current negative voltage (-2.0V 2.0mA)

††††††††††† generatorwith smart power regulation: US Patent 6,756,838 (invented the concept and technique,

††††††††††† most of the detailed design, guided the team to write the patent).


[44]††††† Novel ESD Protection Circuit for dense VLSI dice in a SOI CMOS 0.13 mm technology:

††††††††††† US Patent 7,187,530 (invented the concept and technique, most of the detailed design guided

††††††††††† the team to write the patent).


[43]††††† Design of a video analog front end in a CMOS 0.25 mm technology. Pipelined ADCís with 8/10-bit

††††††††††† ENOB, 175/30 MSps sampling rate, digital error calibration, programmable input clamp, detection

††††††††††† of synchronization pulse and HSYNC/VSYNC separation, PLL and frequency synthesizer.


[42]††††† Architecture and first-pass design in a CMOS 0.18 mm technology of a SerDes CDR and LVDS

††††††††††† parallel bus interface (16-bit wide data and 1 clock) with a data transfer rate of 1.56 Gbytes/second.


[41]††††† Design in a BiCMOS 0.80 mm technology of a micropower undervoltage/end-of-charge detector

††††††††††† for battery monitoring in cellular phones and portable equipment (LMS33460). Pure Analog IC

††††††††††† design. First prototype qualified to full technical specifications, and photomask set transferred

††††††††††† to large-scale production at first ICML tapeout.


[40]††††† Architecture and first-pass design of a 12bit ADC and data acquisition IC in a Silicon BiCMOS

††††††††††† technology (0.80 mm scalable to 0.50 mm with no redesign).Sampling rate 1GSps, 11-bit ENOB,

††††††††††† dual port FIFO buffer, open/closed loop auto calibration and BIST modes.


List of projects prior to 2000


[39]††††† IC layout floor-planning, power and clocks distribution networks, place-and-route and post-layout

††††††††††† verification of 2D/3D graphics and video VLSI processors, using Avant! XO, Planet and Apollo

††††††††††† VLSI CAD tools.


[38]††††† CMOS 0.35mm I/O buffers and ESD protection circuits. Design for reliability of I/O periphery

††††††††††† and power distribution of VLSI circuits. Packaging and signal integrity issues.


[37]††††† Circuit design and IC mask layout of a DLL-based clock distribution IC: PLX EQ6610.


[36]††††† TTL-BTL bus transceivers for Futurebus or similar backplane bus applications, designed in

††††††††††† the Philips Semiconductor BiCMOS 0.80 mm (QuBiC) technology.


[35]††††† BiCMOS cell library for RF communication: bandgap voltage and current reference generators,

††††††††††† LNA, mixer, PLL and sigma-delta modulator for fractional-N frequency synthesizer, phase

††††††††††† and frequency modulator, RF output amplifier.


[34]††††† PECL I/O buffers for 3.30 V / 5.0 V operation, 4.0 mils pad pitch, with excellent ESD protection

††††††††††† and latch-up immunity, programmable impedance matching and IC calibration.

††††††††††† Clock distribution network and I/O periphery of Intel PCI-to-ISA and PCI-to-PCI bridges

††††††††††† for laptop PC and docking station.


[33]††††† Conversion of a digital camera memory and CCD sensor controller from a XC4000 FPGA

††††††††††† to a Chip Express QYH500 gate array. Behavioral and RTL model in VHDL, logic synthesis,

††††††††††† test bench and test suites, fault grading and production test vectors.


[32]††††† Management of the VLSI design team implementing a LAN switch for NEC America.

††††††††††† Microarchitecture and test specifications, behavioral and RTL modeling.


[31]††††† DRAM Controller for a C-Cube MPEG1 video processor used in a karaoke CDROM player.

††††††††††† Verilog RTL modeling and translation of behavioral model written in C, Synopsys logic

††††††††††† synthesis into a CMOS standard cell library, test bench and test suite.


[30]††††† CMOS cell library implementing the JTAG 1149.1 IEEE standard. Post-layout timing analysis

††††††††††† of R3081, using Dracula LPE, Timemill and Hspice. Netlist parser and path extraction written

††††††††††† in C and Unix C-shell, sed and awk scripts.


[29]††††† CMOS circuit design, low-power and high-speed tradeoffs, optimization of Logic and specific

††††††††††† blocks for the compaction of the Intel Pentium for laptop PCs.


[28]††††† Design of the Instruction Cache for the Intel Pentium (P5 Rev. 1).

††††††††††† Consulting on BiCMOS technology and circuit design techniques.


[27]††††† Circuit design and logic optimization of the Intel H4C/80486SL, 80486SX.


[26]††††† Design of a PLL in CMOS 0.80mm technology, 100MHz clock synthesizer, Logic synchronizer.

††††††††††† bandgap regulator, programmable loop filter and output frequencies, lock detection.


[25]††††† Cache controller tag memory of the Intel 80386SL: first microprocessor integrating cache

††††††††††† and DRAM controllers, the full AT chipset. MPU released to production at first ICML-TO

††††††††††† and elected product of the year by Fortune Magazine.


[24]††††† Hardware behavioral modeling and test benches using Verilog and C-PLI from the component

††††††††††† data sheets and functional specifications of the TMS44C251 Video RAM, WD33C93 SCSI

††††††††††† Controller, Am7990 Ethernet LAN Controller.


[23]††††† Circuit design and IC layout of a BiCMOS gate array master and programmable I/O buffers

††††††††††† in Cypress Semiconductor BiCMOS 0.80 mm technology.


[22]††††† Design of a 4KX4 ECL SRAM in Cypress Semiconductor BiCMOS 0.80 mm technology.


[21]††††† Binary CAM-based Translation Lookaside Buffer for Fujitsu SPARC chipset, in CMOS 1.0 mm

††††††††††† and 0.80 mm technologies.


[20]††††† Design of the hardware and PCB for a X-Terminal, using the 80386 CPU, 80387 Floating Point

††††††††††† coprocessor, cache memory controller, Am7990 Ethernet LAN Controller, Chips & Technologies

††††††††††† PC-AT chipset, National Semiconductor DP8500 Graphics Engine.


[19]††††† Design of a Smart Card system: EEPROM-based data carrier, RF and IR transceivers, LCD, I/O

††††††††††† controller using the Motorola MC68HC05/11 MCU. Prototype PCB and firmware development.


[18]††††† Design of a GDT Silicon Compiler library for embedded microcontroller applications using

††††††††††† the 8051 instruction set.


[17]††††† BiCMOS cell library and design flow, Dracula DRC, ERC, LVS and LPE rules and set-up files.


[16]††††† Design of 256 Kbits and 64 Kbits SRAM in BiCMOS 1.0-mm technology (ECL/CML techniques).


[15]††††† Design of a RAMDAC equivalent to the Brooktree Bt458, with 125 MHz operating frequency,

††††††††††† in a CMOS 1.25-mm two-metal technology.


[14]††††† Design of a CMOS 1 Mbit EPROM (27C210 - 64KX16), first set of photomasks (IC Photomask

Tapeout) released to production.


[13]††††† System and logic design of a Virtual Instruction Processor, microcoded to emulate

††††††††††† the instruction sets of the Motorola 68020 and Intel 80386 microprocessors.


[12]††††† System and logic design of a MIL-STD-1553B remote terminal and controller, bus interface

††††††††††† and protocol management unit.


[11]††††† Logic, circuit design and IC layout of MIL-STD-1750A CMOS 16-bit microprocessor,

††††††††††† with FPU and interrupt controller for real-time applications.


[10]††††† Design of mixed-signal, analog and digital CMOS IC for ordnance electronics. Low-power

††††††††††† watchdog and timer, integrated RF field rectifier and power module, filters, transceiver,

††††††††††† frequency and phase modulator and demodulator, polynomial counters, and output conditioner.


[9]††††††† Design of a mixed-signal CMOS VLSI component for Rohm PBX equipment.


[8]††††††† Logic and circuit design and IC layout of bipolar Schottky TTL, ECL and I3L IC cell

††††††††††† libraries, SRAM, F9450 microprocessor, high-speed bus interface, timer and ADC


[7]††††††† Design and fabrication of CMOS IC and Si solar cells. Si process development:

††††††††††† photomasking, oxidation, dry and wet etching, ion implantation and thermal diffusion,

††††††††††† Al metallization. MOS device characterization and modeling.


[6]††††††† Analog test instrumentation, Automation of measurements using a DEC LSI-11/02

††††††††††† microcomputer, an ADAC-1000 data acquisition board and a GPIB-488 interface module.

††††††††††† System programming in Pascal, C and Assembly language.


[5]††††††† Design of a Gas Chromatography Controller, using an Intel 8748 Microcontroller, and

††††††††††† Analog Devices ADC.


[4]††††††† Prototype breadboard and firmware development: test and calibration, sequencing, PID

††††††††††† control loop, data acquisition, formatting and display.


[3]††††††† Data acquisition and control system for hydraulic pumps, using an HP9825, temperature,

††††††††††† vibration and pressure transducers and electronic measurement equipment. Application

††††††††††† program in BASIC.


[2]††††††† Characterization and modeling of GaAs MESFET and microwave IC.


[1]††††††† Microfabrication and characterization of thin-film heterojunction GaAsInP lasers and

††††††††††† fiber-optics coupler. Liquid-phase epitaxy, photomasking and wet etching.




Diplome d'Ingenieur (BSEE & MSEE)

Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique

Paris, France - 1980.



University of Cincinnati, Ohio - 1981.


Research work


*††† GaAs device modeling, digital and RF analog circuits.

*††† GaAsInP semiconductor laser.

*††† Data acquisition and electronic control circuits, Tin-film Ceramic Hybrid Circuit and FR4
Printed Circuit Board, and system integration, automated product testing and calibration.

*††† Si analog IC design and processing, semiconductor device manufacturing.

*††† Fabrication of MOS tunnel diodes and solar cells.


MSEE Thesis:


" MOS Interface Trapped Charge Characterization Using The AC Conductance Technique "




Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (www.ieee.com), since 1979.

Technology Alliance Bridge: www.tabridge.com, Silicon Valley, since 1996.



Other Activity


Expert Alpine Ski Instructor and Racing Coach, Auburn Ski Club (www.auburnskiclub.org).



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